Malaysian companies have significant scope to promote diversity at the workplace – according to a foundit survey

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4, 2024 – (ACN Newswire via – In today’s globalised economy, Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) play a crucial role in driving innovation and competitiveness in the workplace. However, a recent survey by foundit, a leading talent platform, highlights areas for growth in D&I practices across Malaysian organisations.

The survey uncovers notable opportunities in Malaysia’s corporate environment with a significant number of respondents claiming that their organisations do not have a diversity training program and some respondents still getting familiar with the concept of diversity hiring. However a substantial segment of employees believe their workplace is highly committed to hiring diverse teams. These findings point to opportunities for Malaysian workplaces to better harness the proven benefits of diverse teams, such as enhanced innovation, improved decision-making, and stronger financial performance.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have become critical focus areas for organisations worldwide. DEI initiatives aim to create workplaces that reflect the broader society, ensure fair treatment and access to opportunities for all employees, and foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute.

As businesses increasingly recognise the benefits of diverse teams – including enhanced innovation, improved decision-making, and better financial performance – understanding the current state of DEI practices is crucial.

The survey, conducted as part of foundit’s ongoing commitment to fostering diverse and inclusive work environments, highlights an opportunity to better align organisational intentions and implemented actions regarding diversity initiatives.

While 32% of employees believe their workplace is highly committed to diversity hiring, 49% respondents claim their organisations do not have diversity training programs in place. Additionally, 28% of respondents are not familiar with the concept of diversity hiring, while 29% feel their organisation is responsive to feedback on diversity issues.

These findings suggest a commitment to diversity in principle, but there are opportunities to improve the implementation of effective diversity initiatives.

Sekhar Garisa, CEO of foundit, commented on the findings: “It is imperative that companies set clear goals with respect to diversity and inclusion and build a more comprehensive plan to achieve them. Some immediate, practical steps include cultural sensitivity training for all employees, mentorship programs to support underrepresented groups, and promoting flexible working arrangements to accommodate various needs.

It’s also crucial to recognise that diversity cannot exist without inclusion making it important to have policies that ensure everyone feels part of the team. Ensuring diverse leadership at the top also sets a positive tone for the entire organisation. By focusing on these actions, Malaysian businesses can create more inclusive workplaces, spark innovation, and boost their global competitiveness.”

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Diversity Awareness and Definition: 28% of respondents are completely unfamiliar with the concept of diversity hiring.  Among those familiar with the concept, 49% define workplace diversity as being inclusive of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, showing a nuanced understanding of the concept.
  • Organisational Commitment: While 32% of respondents believe their workplace is highly committed to hiring a diverse team, 25% perceive a moderate commitment, and 12% report no commitment at all.
  • Training Needs and Effectiveness: 49% of respondents state that their organisations do not have diversity trainingprograms. Of those that do offer training, 29% claim they have mandatory programs, while 22% state they were offered non-mandatory options. In terms of effectiveness, 22% report significant awareness gains from training, while 31% saw no increase in awareness.
  • Recruitment Practices: Respondents report that organisations are adopting various initiatives to ensure equal opportunities. These include inviting applications from diverse communities (17%), conducting interviews in diversity-friendly spaces (16%), using diverse hiring panels (13%), and regularly updating hiring processes to reduce bias (12%). Additionally, 9% organisations provide training for hiring managers to combat unconscious bias.
  • Provisions for Applicants with Disabilities: Respondents state that organisations offer various accommodations, such as accessible interview venues (14%), accessible online application processes (16%), and additional time allowances for assessments if needed (10%).
  • Work-Life Balance: 36% of respondents believe their organisations have policies in place to support work-life balance, particularly for women with caregiving responsibilities or differently-abled individuals.
  • Employee Resource Groups: 47% of respondents are aware of employee resource groups focused on diversity and inclusion within their organisations, with 28% finding these groups highly valuable.
  • Peer Support and Networking: 29% respondents state that their organisations sometimes facilitate peer support and networking opportunities for diverse groups, 20% say they rarely or never do so, and 19% report that their organisations provide these opportunities frequently.
  • Responsiveness to Feedback: 29% of respondents perceive that their organisations are responsive to feedback on diversity issues, highlighting an opportunity for improved communication and action on diversity-related concerns.

“These findings underscore the importance of not just implementing diversity initiatives, but ensuring they are effective and meaningful,” Garisa added. “At foundit, we believe that embracing diversity is not only a moral imperative but also a strategic advantage in today’s global marketplace.”

The survey was conducted as part of TRIUMPH, Asia’s leading virtual career fair for diversity, further demonstrating foundit’s commitment to promoting inclusive workplaces.

As organisations navigate the evolving landscape of workplace diversity, this survey serves as a crucial benchmark, offering insights into current practices and highlighting areas for future focus and improvement. By addressing these gaps, companies can create more inclusive and successful workplaces.

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