Russia’s security agency detains WSJ reporter on spying charges

Cars go past the headquarters of the Federal Security Service, and Lubyanka Square in front of it in central Moscow on March 3, 2023. (PHOTO / AFP)

MOSCOW – The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said Thursday it had arrested a Wall Street Journal reporter on espionage charges.

The FSB said US citizen Evan Gershkovich, a reporter at the Wall Street Journal's Moscow bureau, is suspected of "spying in the interests of the American government."

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It added that Gershkovich "gathered information classified as state secret about the activities of one of the enterprises of Russia's military-industrial complex," acting on instructions from the US government.

The FSB said the US citizen was detained in Yekaterinburg while trying to obtain the secret information, adding that a criminal espionage case has been launched.