UN-led probe urged into Nord Stream explosions

A gas leak is seen at the Nord Stream 2 pipeline on Sept 27 from a Danish F-16 jet off the Baltic island of Bornholm, south of Dueodde. (PHOTO / AFP)

China hopes some Western member states of the United Nations Security Council will renounce their "selfish geopolitical interests" and play a constructive role in consultations over Russia's draft resolution about Nord Stream gas pipeline explosions, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday.

Russia submitted a draft Security Council resolution in February, requesting the UN secretary-general to establish an independent international commission to investigate the blasts in September.

Sources have said that the United States and some other Western member states of the council have broken the silence procedure launched by Russia and raised an objection to the request.

During a news conference, Wang said China supports Russia's draft resolution, and agrees on the approach of promoting a UN-led international investigation.

The UN is the most authoritative and representative international organization, and such an investigation will form synergies with the ongoing inquiries conducted by countries and help find out the truth faster, Wang said.

Denmark, Germany and Sweden have launched probes into the blasts.

"The impact of the pipeline blasts has been enormous, and most members of the international community have demanded the truth behind the scene," Wang said.

China supports the Security Council in discussing relevant issues, and has played a constructive role in the negotiations of the draft resolution, according to Wang, who said that some of the council's developing member states have put forward their legitimate proposals and recommendations.

"China has noted the attitude of some of the council's Western member states. We hope they will be mindful of their responsibility for truth, truly abandon their selfish geopolitical interests, take effective measures to fulfill their duty and responsibility and work for early consensus on the resolution by constructively participating in the negotiations," the spokesman said.