Bitcoin Store Launches Innovative Walk-in Exchanges

Split, Croatia, April 19, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Bitcoin Store disrupts the cryptocurrency landscape with innovative walk-in exchanges for easy and secure trading. In the picturesque city of Split, Croatia, The Bitcoin Store is leading the charge in transforming the cryptocurrency landscape with their groundbreaking in-person trading platform. Established by cryptocurrency pioneers, the platform aims to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds of cryptocurrency, democratizing the industry and making it accessible to everyone – regardless of their background or experience. With their game-changing approach, The Bitcoin Store is set to revolutionize personal finance and create a trustworthy space for secure transactions.

The Birth of a Vision: A World Where Crypto Is Accessible to All

In 2013, a pair of long-time friends Tomislav V. and Sime B. identified the enormous promise of cryptocurrencies. Observing the challenges many individuals faced when it came to handling or liquidating their digital assets, they established, one of the earliest European cryptocurrency exchanges.

Later in 2018 after the bull run, when crypto became more “mainstream,” they were surprised that the space still appeared daunting and out of reach for many potential users, especially non-tech individuals.

In response, they started working on a new idea called “Bitcoin Store” – a unique concept that merges the convenience of online exchanges with the accessibility of walk-in stores.

Our goal was to create an environment where even the least tech-savvy individuals could manage cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks,” says Tomislav, CEO of Bitcoin Store.

By introducing a chain of walk-in cryptocurency exchanges in major cities alongside an online platform, we make it possible for anyone to buy, sell, and top up their accounts with cash or crypto instantly. Most importantly, we wanted to become a trustworthy crypto companion for non-tech users in a space that still lacks constructive customer support.”

A Platform Built on Accessibility, Convenience, and Education

The Bitcoin Store is more than just a trading platform. It’s a movement designed to empower individuals to easily navigate the complex world of digital currencies.

By developing an approachable and friendly brand personality, the company seeks to foster a strong community and establish trust among its users. Ultimately, The Bitcoin Store aims to make the world of cryptocurrency and fintech accessible to all.

Brick and mortar cryptocurrency exchange: A Safe Haven in a Landscape Seeking Enhanced Customer Experiences

A non-tech user who is unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies may have experienced a sense of confusion or overwhelm, not knowing where to begin when entering the world of crypto.

Even with advancements in user experience and abundant knowledge resources, blockchain technology’s technical and economic aspects can still be overwhelming.

Furthermore, despite all these improvements, majority of users report cases of bad customer support with cold or non-existing communication efforts from exchanges.

Physical cryptocurrency exchanges serve as an ideal starting point for those new to blockchain technology. These exchanges not only facilitate trading but also function as educational centers.

Rather than navigating the complexities of an online exchange, a user can receive guidance from an exchange agent who can help set up a digital wallet and explain the various types of cryptocurrency storage and their differences.

Regular users can also benefit from the convenience of visiting a nearby branch for direct support and prompt resolution of potential issues, which is a rarity in the online realm.

For instance, when encountering a problem on an online exchange, the only available option is usually contacting customer service and potentially waiting hours for a response.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Store walk-in cryptocurrency exchanges instill trust and security in their users. Before committing to any transactions, a simple internet search can confirm that the exchange is a regulated company adhering to the highest security standards.

The Future of Personal Finance: Expanding Services and the Store Finance (SEF) Token

The Bitcoin Store plans to introduce new features such as unique IBAN accounts, physical/virtual credit cards, staking, lending, and loans to further its mission.

At the heart of this evolving ecosystem will be their new project – Store Finance (SEF), a new feature designed to be the dedicated utility token within the Bitcoin Store network.

By holding and using SEF tokens, users will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Fee reduction
  • SEF staking rewards
  • Cashback on a physical VISA credit card
  • Early access to new crypto projects via the Bitcoin Store launchpad
  • Recommendation program benefits
  • Crypto lending and loan program benefits

Join the Revolution: The Store Finance (SEF) Presale

  • The second round of the Store Finance (SEF) presale is set to commence on April 18, 2023, and will run until April 25, 2023.
  • The pre-sale price of tokens will be a fixed 0.2€ per token.
  • Bitcoin Store guarantees a redemption price of 0.1€ per token in the next 2 years!
  • The token will be available for purchase exclusively on the Bitcoin Store launchpad site.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join this groundbreaking ecosystem and help shape the future of personal finance.

About The Bitcoin Store

Founded in 2018 in Split, Croatia, The Bitcoin Store is a pioneering brand that connects the physical and online worlds of cryptocurrency trading. With five walk-in stores in major Croatian cities and plans to expand the network across Europe, the company is focused on making the world of cryptocurrency and fintech accessible to users of all backgrounds and experience levels. To learn more, visit

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