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Singapore – CryptoManu,領先的加密貨幣新聞發佈和市場研究機構,發佈了一份關於 “區塊鏈和加密貨幣技術創新改善機器學習 “的報告。 人工智慧、機器學習和區塊鏈技術已經推動了所有行業的發展。加密貨幣、NFT、DeFi或其他區塊鏈相關領域的主要目的是提供以客戶為中心的…


By Madison Esely-Kohlman October 25, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – 2022年9月9日, 澳大利亞迎來首個位於一期臨床試驗中心內的生物分析實驗室。 Agilex Biolabs作為領先全澳的生物分析實驗室,在南澳州首府阿德萊德設立了位於CMAX臨床…

Hong Kong’s First Case Of A Luxury House With A Value Of Over 100 Million Having Serious Quality Problems, While The Government Fails To Act

Hong Kong is a metropolis. However, some media reported that the “Peak Castle,” a mansion worth hundreds of millions of dollars, had serious structural problems two years after its completion. Problems included, for example: wall cracks, water seepage and leakage, and cracks in stone flooring.  All these minor problems appeared at the beginning of occupancy […]



Hydrogen Aviation Valley Kosice Initiative Kicks off

KOSICE, SLOVAKIA, October 05, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – During the European hydrogen week, the Technical University in Kosice welcomed an initial working meeting aimed at presenting the vision of a regional hub of European importance Hydrogen Aviation Valley Kosice. The organizers of the event and the main partners of the initiative led by the Faculty of Aeronautics of […]

MMPRO Partners with to Implement Unique Way to Use NFT as a Startup Panel Tool

New York, NY, October 05, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – MMPRO (Market Making Pro) together with implements one of the unique ways to use NFT as a startup panel tool. Market Making Pro dates back to 2016, since then more than 500 companies have become clients, and the capitalization of projects under management exceeded 10 billion dollars. They have a great […]

EU-funded TRICK Project Will Use Quadrans Blockchain Technology for Product Traceability

New York, NY, October 05, 2022 – (SEAPRWire) – The Quadrans Foundation, as part of the TRICK Consortium, will provide the blockchain technology infrastructure for the new platform’s design and will use Truebit to achieve TRICK’s development goals. TRICK Project (product data traceability information management by blockchains interoperability and open circular service marketplace) was funded by the European Union’s […]