China Medical System: An Innovative Drug, ILUMETRI ‘Tildrakizumab Injection’ Approved for Marketing in China

CMS is pleased to announce the NDA of Tildrakizumab Injection under the brand name of ILUMETRI, a monoclonal antibody specifically targeting the p19 subunit of IL-23, has been approved in China. ILUMETRI is indicated for the treatment of adults with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy. The extended study of […]

SuiHub Introduces Solutions, Bringing Together Top Blockchain Mastery to Solve the Most Complex Global Crypto Challenges

Project Exceeded Expectations in Q1 2023 Singapore, May 25, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Suihub is proud to announce their new solutions which will bring together top blockchain mastery to solve the most complex global crypto challenges. The global economy continues to show resilience in a challenging international context but there is a project which has […]

EYWA Ecosystem Launches Innovating Cross-Chain DeFi Solution

New York, NY, May 17, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – The EYWA Ecosystem has launched its pioneering project that is set to reshape the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) landscape by addressing the complexities of cross-chain interoperability. EYWA incorporates cross-chain data and liquidity protocols, offering a seamless, secure, and efficient platform for users and projects alike. Central to […]


位於薩爾,5月14日 – 位於薩爾瓦多的比特農場公司通過創造性地利用火山熱能,為比特幣挖礦領域帶來了突破性的創新。該公司將於近期推出一款由升級版全新的挖礦機型號。 引言: 比特農場位於薩爾瓦多,利用火山熱能為比特幣挖礦提供清潔能源。通過創新技術將火山熱能轉化為電力,比特農場成功實現了數字貨幣挖礦的可持續性。…

Axion Trade Launches Social Trading App Axion Mirror

London, UK, May 13, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Axion Trade, one of the leading prime brokerages, has recently announced the launch of Axion Mirror: its new copy trading app. The app is intended to offer retail investors a more attractive trading experience by providing them with access to a growing trend in the industry: Social […]

Mitrade’s Excellence Says It All: Wins Two Broker Awards, Debuts New iPad App

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 13 May 2023 – Mitrade has been honored with its first two awards of the year – ‘Best Mobile CFD Trading Platform Asia Pacific’ and ‘Fastest Growing Forex Fintech Broker Global’ by Global Brands Magazine. These prestigious accolades are testament to Mitrade’s ongoing commitment to innovation, industry excellence, and client satisfaction. Mitrade claims […]

Mitrade 用卓越表現說明一切:贏得兩大經紀商獎項,同時推出全新的 iPad 應用程式

澳大利亞墨爾本 2023 年 5 月 13 日 – Mitrade 榮獲由 Global Brands Magazine 頒發兩個獎項——分別為“亞太區最佳流動差價合約交易平臺”和“全球增長最快的外匯金融科技經紀商”。這些尊爵不凡的榮譽證明了 Mitrade 一直堅守持續創新、傲視同儕和令顧客戶滿意的服務承諾。 Mit…


始於2008年金融危機後的比特幣,正式誕生於2009年1月3日。這一不受央行和任何金融機構控制的加密貨幣,從早期的無價格到最高觸及6.8萬美元一枚,所經歷的時間才不過十多年。加密貨幣行業,也從一個從無到有的狀態,發展為了今天的風靡全球。 如今,比特幣、以太幣、萊特幣、瑞波幣等一系列加密貨幣,已經成為全球投資者逐利的標的…

FUND THE PLANET and MetaBrewSociety Bring Innovative Sustainability Practices to the Beer Industry

München, Germany, May 10, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – German companies FUND THE PLANET and MetaBrewSociety have teamed up to introduce innovative sustainability practices to the beer industry. Through the use of NFT technology and Amazon rainforest preservation, the partnership successfully offset the ecological footprint of the Spring Fest event held in Las Vegas from April […]