Germany, Israel agree to cooperate on moon landing mission

This file photo released by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries dated Mar 5, 2019 shows the Earth during a slow spin of the spacecraft from a distance of 37,600 km. (PHOTO / AFP)

JERUSALEM — The national German Aerospace Center (DLR) signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli organization SpaceIL, which leads the Beresheet-2 lunar landing project, the Israel Space Agency (ISA) said on Tuesday.

The collaboration includes the integration of an advanced navigation algorithm developed by the DLR into the mission, allowing the Israeli spacecraft to land on the moon, the ISA added.

The algorithm will assist spacecraft navigation through the analysis of images and the identification of lunar craters and will allow the collection and analysis of new information about the moon.

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Beresheet-2, scheduled for launch in 2025, includes science missions and interactive educational activities.

It will consist of an orbiter and two landers which are expected to land at two sites on the moon for conducting scientific experiments.