AsiaPresswire Launches PR Distribution Solutions, Targeting DeFi Firms Arbitrage Trading Platforms

Hong Kong – AsiaPresswire, the leading press release distribution provider, has introduced tailored solutions to help decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms and algorithmic/arbitrage trading firms achieve unparalleled visibility and relationship credibility based on messaging resonance versus broad industry blasting.

“We empower DeFi and electronic trading innovators to influence reputation by accessing specialized media and data platform exposure once exclusive to established finance giants only,” said Arron Wong, AsiaPresswire Chief Strategy Officer.

He explains their PR distribution service delivers extensive expert visibility and validation building:

AI-Optimized Industry Translation

AsiaPresswire’s proprietary GTP-PRHelper AI instantly drafts and translates technically complex DeFi and quant finance press releases to save hours otherwise requiring niche skillsets – interpreting complex terminology like automated market making, flash loans, oracles, liquidity mining, and delta-neutral strategies.

Curated Peer Targeting

Advanced algorithms specifically identify relevant cryptocurrency, derivative trading, investment data and web3 journalists and analysts to submit releases based on beat expertise – guaranteeing relevance. This includes personalized outreach to key platforms covering topics like on-chain data analytics, smart contract automation, cross-venue arbitrage, high frequency trading, electronic market making, and synthetic asset creation.

Direct Market Data Partnerships

Releases directly reach 800+ collaborating crypto indexes, trading venues, OTC desks, emerging managers, VR networks and data platforms aligned on support for open access and disruptive models that are reinventing centuries-old frameworks in transparency, accessibility, automation and decentralization.

Tailored Quantitative Consultation

Furthermore, AsiaPresswire’s specialist team helps refine messaging narratives for maximum exonomic impact – overcoming obscure fintech barriers facing pioneers by conveying complex capabilities understandably to both experts and mainstream audiences simultaneously.

Ongoing Sell-Side Recruitment

New electronic trading, prime brokerage, custody and advisory publishing partners focused on alpha replication continue signing on to compound earned media performance. This expands tailored exposure targeting quant funds, prop shops, VCs, blockchains, incumbents and regulators – enabling DeFi disruptors to anchor positioning across both decentralized and centralized spheres for holistic ecosystem impact.

Wong explains that their integrated distribution and optimization approach enables quantitative DeFi companies to finally achieve tier-one expert visibility once demanding years of niche relationship building and technical translation ability.

“Our customers shortcut 50% of expertise curve credibility to unlock proprietary deal flow. Client examples consistently highlight 6X more website visitors and qualified lead registrations from our niche access,” he added. “We essentially solve the paradox of conveying complex fintech innovation simply and impactfully enough to simultaneously influence both Wall Street and web3 audiences.”

One case study client, AlgoFintech, placed executive interviews in TopCoindesk, SmarterWaters, BusinessInsider, Bloomberg, and other top outlets – accelerating fundraising and collaboration discussions immediately thereafter by validating their next generation ETH, BTC and stablecoin arbitrage models to investors already comfortable with traditional multi-asset electronic trading systems.

Their CEO notes “As pioneers disrupting a centuries-old industry, we desperately needed to anchor ecosystem positioning and overcome skepticism on whether unproven technology could outperform incumbent offerings relied upon by institutional capital. AsiaPresswire’s unrivaled DeFi publishing network access and original positioning enable us to finally leapfrog otherwise impossible hurdles.”

He continues, “Their integrated custom distribution enabled us to earn tier-one credibility that instantaneously advanced enterprise partnership conversations by years. We can now seamlessly discuss complex issues around blockchain data oracle reliability, scalable automated spread capture, controllable loss limits and compliant custody solutions as partners rather than having to first overcome dismissiveness.”

Industry analysts forecast exponential disruption at the intersection of decentralized ledgers, AI data analytics and electronic trading – as cloud infrastructure removes technical barriers facing previous generations limited by server capacity.

“We empower the next era of financial market revolutionaries by equipping them with specialized earned media capabilities that pass exclusive credibility tests once inhibiting pioneers,” concludes Wong. “Our unfair distribution advantage shortcuts otherwise insurmountable challenges holding back innovators architecting the parallel convergence of algorithms, blockchains and quantum computing.”

He invites interested DeFi trading platforms to learn more about expert targeted PR distribution solutions purpose-built to accelerate exponential ecosystem growth at

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