CALB is in the process of offering shares: leading product capability wins with outstanding R&D strength

HONG KONG, Sep 26, 2022 – (ACN Newswire via – Since the late September, the Hong Kong stock IPO market has become increasingly active, successively welcoming large-scale IPO offerings, such as Onewo (2602. HK), Leapmotor (9863.HK), and CALB (3931.HK). CALB Co., Ltd. (“CALB” or the “Company”, 3931. HK), which is currently offering shares, is expected to be officially listed on October 6, and will become the first EV battery company in the Hong Kong stock market.

CALB proposed to issue 265 million shares, of which the initial proportion of the Hong Kong offering and the international offering is 5% and 95%, respectively. The maximum offer price is HK$51 per H share, 100 shares per lot. Huatai Financial Holdings (Hong Kong) Limited acted as the sole sponsor.

In-depth manufacture engineering foundations with outstanding product strength

Under the corporate spirit of “beyond commerce, bettering mankind”, the Company mastered efficient, digital and scaled operational capabilities and manufacture engineering capabilities. Such capabilities have enabled the Company to attain an industry leading operational scale, which in turn, gives the Company the ability to transform cutting-edge technology consistently and rapidly into publicly benefiting products.

The Company has extensive manufacture engineering technology capabilities, which is one of the core competitive advantages of CALB. The industry-leading technical capabilities allowed the Company to apply ultra-high-speed cutting and stacking machine to mass production. The Company possess the closed-loop control intelligent coating system and internationally leading fully automated assembly lines, while having the ability to manage the whole product life cycle, featuring industry-leading automation, digitalization and intelligent-features. Through real-time control of the manufacturing process throughout the product lifecycle, the Company not only could ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the entire manufacturing process, but also combined with standardized processes to achieve rapid process upgrades and product iterations. It provides continuously and stably deliver products that meet customer needs.

Leveraging operational and manufacturing engineering capabilities, the Company was able to guarantee superior performance of products in mass production, which has passed rigorous tests of the market and helped achieve a good delivery record. The market leading product strength in terms of energy density and safety of the Company has successfully met two key requirements of end customers.

The products of CALB have high energy density and stable safety performance. Through high voltage technology, the Company’s medium nickel high voltage 5 series and 6 series battery products have reached the energy density of 260Wh/kg and 280Wh/kg, respectively, which enables the new energy vehicles installing the Company’s products to achieve a mileage of up to 800 km, which is comparable to the 8-series power battery that has been launched in the market, and has better safety performance than the 8-series battery.

As of the end of 2021, there are only two NEV brands in China have published the “pass” result for ternary battery nail penetration test, which represent the leading safety level of ternary battery in the world. The batteries for one of the brands are provided by CALB. The “magazine battery” launched by the Company is the first of kind in the industry to prevent fire in the nail penetration test of the ternary battery system, which significantly improves the thermal safety level of the ternary battery system and realized satisfactory application.

Strong and outstanding R&D capability with consistent innovation concept

The R&D and manufacturing of EV battery and ESS battery require long-term accumulation of comprehensive technology, talents and technologies, and such high technical barriers posed challenges to new players who planned to enter the market. CALB is one of the few EV battery companies with comprehensive independent R&D capabilities and the ability to independently complete the production of EV batteries. Its outstanding innovation capability has been conducive to its development of a series of advanced technologies applied to the Company’s newly-innovated products, including the high-voltage three-wire system, the “magazine battery” and “One-stop Bettery”.

The Company has established R&D team with 2,900 R&D personnel with multi-disciplinary and extensive industry experience, as well as more than 1,200 comprehensive patent portfolio covering the entire battery industry chain. With this as a powerful engine, CALB has developed into a pioneer in technological innovation in its industry. According to Frost & Sullivan, the proportion of the number of R&D personnel in the total number of employees is higher than the average level of listed companies in the top ten enterprises in the EV battery industry.

Since its establishment, CALB has always adhered to the concept of innovation and leading core technology to drive the healthy development of the industry. The achievements in quality, technology and R&D have laid the foundation for the Company’s leading product strength. After listing in Hong Kong, the Company will continue to speed up the research and development of more advanced innovation core technologies driven by continuous technological innovation, continuous improve competitiveness of the Company’s products and lead the industry.

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