Report: 28 US children, teens die from gun violence each day

People gather during a rally decrying rising gun violence while urging politicians to take action in Washington, D.C., the United States, June 11, 2022. (XIAO XIAO/XINHUA)

NEW YORK – Each day, 28 US children and teens, the equivalent of a high school classroom, die from gun violence, making it the No. 1 killer of youth through age 24, science education and policy website Science 2.0 on Wednesday reported citing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

“The problem with gun deaths is that everyone can use them across multiple arenas," said the report.

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 The US government doesn't do anything to prevent crime against kids with over 20,000 laws regulating guns in existence now, it said.

“Guns are already heavily regulated but laws are a leaky bucket, just like government itself.”

There is no possibility for a Zero Defect outcome in either, but "piling more inefficiencies on top of existing ones to penalize people who are not outside the bucket isn't going to save lives”, according to the report.

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“And if the lives are children were as important as AAP wants us to believe they think they are, they'd ask for regulations to cap automobile speed limits to 5 miles per hour. That would save 8,337 'youth' ages 24 and under," the report said.