DOJO Supercomputer Concludes First Week: Lowered Taxes, Concrete Floor, and Promising Prospects

New York, NY, April 11, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – DOJO Supercomputer, the industry-leading blockchain-native AI marketplace, has recently concluded its first week after launching its ecosystem-driving native token, $DOJO. With a mission to bring the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to the blockchain world, DOJO Supercomputer offers an innovative digital marketplace that has already generated significant interest among blockchain enthusiasts, AI developers, and investors. The project was recently launched on the Ethereum blockchain and marks a major milestone in DOJO’s commitment to community, development, and innovation.

DOJO Supercomputer, a recently launched blockchain-based digital marketplace focused on artificial intelligence, has made notable progress in its first week following the launch of its native token, $DOJO. Despite facing competition from other AI-centric projects, DOJO Supercomputer has managed to surpass most of them in terms of market capitalization in the first week.

The token was launched to power the DOJO Ecosystem, which strives to combine the best aspects of a decentralized marketplace with the next-generation AI technology into a place where investors and clients alike can utilize artificial intelligence in new, innovative ways. Kazuya Matsumoto, the enigmatic leader of the project, has shared some insights regarding the token AI-driven blockchain-native design upon being approached.

“I firmly believe that while AI and crypto are not new in any way, shape, or form; the fusion of the two has not been possible in any meaningful way due to a multitude of reasons in the past, most of which center around accessibility and education. We are committed to providing a secure, high-end, and transparent environment that enables investors, clients, and developers to reap the benefits of both industries in a meaningful, impactful, and profitable way.”

The DOJO Supercomputer is a pioneering AI-centered digital marketplace that aims to establish a blockchain-native platform enabling businesses and individuals to access a broad array of AI solutions. Clients can browse through a vast selection of AI APIs, software, and code, while developers and startups can provide their own solutions on the marketplace.

DOJO has recently announced plans to initiate discussions with AI-focused startups to offer exclusive services on its marketplace. The blockchain-native design of the platform includes value-added services that provide seamless transactions between parties, blockchain-level security standards, and a publicly viewable ledger for transparent documentation.

The DOJO Supercomputer project has announced its intention to provide value-added services for investors holding the platform’s native token, $DOJO. According to the team behind the project, they plan to introduce additional use cases beyond the ecosystem, offering greater utility to investors and token holders.

The team believes that offering value-added services is crucial to building a strong and sustainable ecosystem. By providing innovative solutions that meet the needs of investors, the team hopes to establish a robust community who are committed to the project’s long-term success.

DOJO Supercomputer’s approach to value-added services aligns with its broader goal of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. By remaining at the forefront of technological innovation, the team aims to drive greater adoption of blockchain and AI technologies, creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses alike.

The $DOJO token is currently sitting at $4.2 million with an active holder base of 350 unique wallets.

About the company

DOJO Supercomputer is a blockchain-native AI marketplace that has garnered attention for its innovation and community engagement. The platform, named after a particularly popular supercomputer, boasts a well-established token structure and is rapidly establishing itself as a leader in the evergreen industries it serves. DOJO’s commitment to community, development, and innovation is evident in its continued growth and success.


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